A Release Technique dance training that focuses on:


 « movement that rides the breath

 « increasing the motion in every joint

 « connecting movement through the fascial

   for major resiliency

 « musicality of movement (frases)

 « appealing the body intelligence through    allowing vs. doing

 « integration of kinestesia and      


 « improvisational elements in movement      frases

 Contemporary Dance Technique 

Teaching Contact Improvisation in different contexts:

 « CI in a performance context

 « CI for actors with the concept of    


 « CI and the Nervous System

   for major resiliency

 « CI and the endless web of fascia

 « From Organs into Contact

 « Anatomical awareness in CI



Contact Improvisation 


Our beings are shaped by our anatomy and how we move.


In Body-Mind-Centering/ Body-Mind-Movement we study the anatomy by body-systems, such as bones, organs, fluids etc. and the developmental movement patterns through theory, visualization, movement and touch.


We use the term somatic (from greek "soma" = body)  to speak of the the body in its wholeness, as the unity of mind, body, and spirit, the alive body as experienced from within.





 Body-Mind-Movement / Experiential Anatomy 

 Vinyasa Flow/ Ashtanga/ Acro Yoga

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